EQ3 Pardus with screw adjustment system for optimal fit. With a smooth, matt outer finish. Pardus has good ventilation thanks to several different air holes on the front and back of the helmet. The lining in the helmet is removable and made of Coolmax which transports away moisture. The lining can easily be washed clean with lukewarm water. Pardus is equipped with the same MIPS rotation system. The MIPS Brain Protection System significantly increases protection against brain damage. The MIPS system mimics the natural safety system in the human head. When the head is subjected to angled impact, this system allows the brain to move in the cerebrospinal fluid, which reduces trauma to the brain in the event of angled impact. The MIPS system is the yellow moving shell you can see inside all Back on Track helmets. The helmet has a fit for slightly more elongated heads and you may need to go up one size from your previous helmet.

Approved riding helmets

This helmet is tested and approved according to the Swedish Consumer Agency's CE standards and EU requirements. VG1 01.040.