Effax Leather Cleaning Spray
The perfect cleaning for your motorcycle clothing

Effax Leather Cleaning Spray has specially been developed for smooth leather (incl. TFL Cool System leather). The grease-free cleaner with special insect-removing formula gently lifts off even stubborn and dried-on dirt (sweat/insect residues) quickly and permanently. The deep-cleaning action ensures that the leather retains its natural quality and non-slip property. The Effax Leather Cleaning Spray keeps leather tear-resistant and non-slip, while conserving the breathability of climate membranes. 

Ideal for leather clothing and luggage (e.g. saddlebags, tool rolls, motorbike seats etc. ).

How to use:
Apply Effax Leather Cleaning Spray to smooth leather and leave for a short time before carefully cleaning with a smooth cloth or sponge. Rinse out the cloth or sponge at regular intervals to remove accumulated dirt.

Before use please test the color fastness and possible changes of the leather surface on a concealed point.