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1 Equine Muscle Up is a premium  Muscle Building and Muscle repair supplement for racing, performance and equestrian horses, developed to assist in increasing protein uptake for the equine athlete.

Carefully selected digestible forms of whey protein isolate and Concentrte, blended with an amino acid complex with exceptional levels of GLutamine and Branched Chain Amino Acids, Natural Vitamin E, Kelp, Aloe Vera and Spirulina.

1 Equine Muscle Up may assist with :

*   Topline Development

*   Muscle Growth

*   Muscle Repair and Recovery

*   Muscle Health

*   Muscle Strength

*   Muscle Endurance

*Each 30 g contains 23g of Protein

Dosage rates:

Mix 15g per 100kg of body weight with feed after exercise to assist with recovery and development.  Muscle Up can also be fed in the morning and night feed if preferred.

1 scoop = 30g

 Protein   77%   Fibre (max) 2%
 Alanine    26.3g     Arginine    22.49g  
 Aspartic Acid                57.63g  Cystine 11.77g
 Cysteine 6.26g  Glutamic Acid 5.37g
 Glycine 10g  Glutamine 99.89g
 Histidine 15.88g  Isoleucine 38.58g
 Leucine 64.53g  Lysine 42.18g
 Methionine 14.48g  Phenylalanine         29.10g
 Proline 39.83g  Serine 47.96g
 Tyrosine 22.24g  Threonine 39.34g
 Tryptophan 14.73g  Valine 36.08g
 Aloe Vera 15g  Spirulina 1.5g


Store in a cool dry place below 25o. Replace lid firmly after use. Do not exceed the stated dose. Keep away from direct sunlight.

For animal treatment only.

To supplement diets where levels may be low.