Lumiere Azure (Micklem Style) Italian Leather Bridle Standard Leather Rubber Grip Reins

Simply stunning. The Azure is one of the most beautiful 'micklem style' bridles on the market, and has become our best-seller.
Customers report their horses working far more comfortably in anatomic style leather bridles, which avoid critical pressure points. The Azure leather bridle also comes with a gel-padded anatomic headpiece for added comfort.
The standout feature of the Azure is its stunning deep wave crystal browband in silver and grey tones.
The bridle is a butter soft black leather with stainless steel fittings. The quality of this bridle is second-to-none.
Now with the option to select an additional browband that is a classic plaited leather style, giving you one browband for working at home and another for shows. This option has been added due to customer requests.

  • Premium black Luxury leather
  • Silver toned deep curve crystal browband
  • Gel padded anatomic head piece
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Two sets of bit straps