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E134 Snaffle-type headstall for dressage
This English headstall, with its intricate workmanship and a triple-ridge profile, is fabricated in EU-made high-quality leather. The crownpiece has a broader surface and has extra padding in soft perforated leather that ensures reduced pressure in the highly sensitive area of the horse’s poll. It shape is anatomical, to prevent interference with the ears of the horse. The browband is anatomical in form and embellished with elegant Swarovski jewellery set within the leather to prevent breakage or damage. The noseband, rather than having the conventional straight-line profile, curves downwards, a design feature that improves anatomical shape and makes wearing the headstall easier for the horse. It also has flash strap and a Swedish closing mechanism. The buckles and metal components are in material of the highest quality.
Sizes: cob and full
Colours: black and tobacco brown