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The Turnado loose ring snaffle is subtly different from traditional loose ring snaffles, yet the results it produces can be dramatic. The turnado lies perfectly in the horse's mouth because the joint is twisted to an angle of 45 degrees. The aids from the rider reach the horse's mouth more precisely when using the Sprenger turnado, but still in a subtle manor. The bit is more readily accepted resulting in instant and increased chewing activity. Often a very successful bit for horses prone to putting their tongue over the bit, the joint does not put pressure on the tongue or palate in the same manor as a traditional jointed snaffle. The turnado snaffle has a mouthpiece made from the revolutionary patented material Aurigan, which works like no other metal. Aurigan is a copper based material that oxidises to produce a pleasant and distinctive taste that horses love, and encourages a soft relaxed jaw, wet mouth and quick acceptance of this Sprenger bit. The mouthpiece comes in two mouthpiece thicknesses, 16mm which is generally recommended for most horses and 18mm for horses with a larger mouth and higher palate.

Sprenger Turnado Snaffle 40 587 & 40 588 features:
  • Patented Aurigan mouthpiece combines copper and silicon for a mouthpiece that provides strength and oxidises quickly to produce a pleasant taste horses love
  • Expertly made in Germany, finished to the highest possible standard for comfort and safety
  • Angled joint sits more comfortably in the horses mouth
  • Dressage legal
  • Bit strength: fairly mild