With Centurion Stübben presents a new dressage saddle for ambitious riders. Built on the new innovative webbed spring tree, the Centurion is monoflap in design with contoured surface mounted blocks, all these features allowing close contact riding with highest comfort. With its short panel Centurion is also suitable for compact horses and offers a wide range of customization. A new optical highlight is the MagicTack option on the cantle.

Centurion is the first saddle that offers a MagicTack cantle option, that is imbedded into the cantle. With the interchangeable inlay system you can vary the look of the saddle within seconds. Next to our bestselling MagicTack inlay "Crystal", "Brown Pearl" and "Annica Hansen" we have added two new styles: "Jet" and "Metallic Rose" which are also available for the MagickTack browbands. 
If you would like to have the MagicTack feature, please contact us. 

De Luxe leather
17"-18" NT Tree (flat seat, square cantle, narrow twist, long tree points)
Gusset panel
Long billets
Deep seat
Embedded blocks in flaps
Blue saddle cover

Popular Upgrade

Biomex Seat:
Equipped with Stübben back-friendly “Biomex” technology, which places the rider in the centre of balance without restricting them or placing them against the horse’s movement.

There are more ways to customise your saddle.  Including fourth billets, coloured piping and stitching and accents, Swarovski crystals and panel modifications. Contact us today for alterations!