Bomber Bits Eggbutt Bradoon Lock Up Comfy

The Eggbutt Comfy Lock Up is an option for dressage and the very sensitive mouthed horses.

 The shape is such that it follows the contour of the horse’s tongue.  The centre joint has been locked to reduce the nutcracker action of a regular snaffle.

 The comfy has a generous curve, to follow the shape of the horse’s mouth.  We have found that the need for softer bits has been growing, as breeding has been producing finer and more sensitive horses.

 The Eggbutt cheekpiece prevents pinching of the lips and give a slightly more solid feel against the side of the face. It also prevents the bit being pulled through the mouth. The release is slower and also introduces some poll pressure.

 Mouthpiece material :- Sweet Iron Metal which oxidises easily, encourages salivation, helps bit acceptance and is warm and sweet. NB: with oxidation the blue will fade over time.