Canterwood Show Jacket Child

Canterwood Show Jackets are a stylish jacket made with the Australian climate in mind. A shorter style jacket with double vent at the back and added darts for superior fit. 


Size 4

Chest: 57cm 

Waist: 55cm

Length: 41cm

Sleeve Length: 40cm

Across Shoulders: 24cm

Size 6

Chest: 64cm

Waist: 60cm

Length: 42.5cm

Sleeve Length: 44cm

Across Shoulders: 26cm

Size 8 

Chest: 66cm

Waist: 62cm

Length: 46cm

Sleeve Length: 49cm

Across Shoulders: 27cm

Size 10

Chest: 72cm

Waist: 66cm

Length: 52cm

Sleeve Length: 52cm

Across Shoulders: 30cm

Size 12

Chest: 78cm

Waist: 71cm

Length: 55cm

Sleeve Length: 55cm

Across Shoulders: 32cm 

Size 14

Chest: 84cm

Waist: 73cm

Length: 58cm

Sleeve Length: 61cm

Across Shoulders: 34cm