Digestive Eq

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A complete fore & hindgut digestive product designed to support the digestive & immune systems of the horse with the added benefit of enzymes, amino acids & antioxidants.

Digestive EQ™ is formulated to assist with:

• Digestion
• Performance
• Wound recovery
• Stimulation of the horses innate immune response
• Reduced systemic inflammation
• Calmer behaviours and improved attitudes
• Calcium retention & bone strength
• Feed conversion
• Nutrient uptake
• Reducing risk of laminitis, colic and respiratory infections
• Reduced lactic acid production
• Recovery after exercise
• Recovery and prevention of gastric and hindgut ulcers
• Elimination of mycotoxins
• Coat and hoof condition
• Ability to cope with stress
• Minimising the stress of travelling
• Headshaking syndrome


Nutritional Information
Calcium 187.3 g/kg
Magnesium 34.6 g/kg
Iodine 18.5 mg/kg
Non-Structural carbohydrates (NSC)
Starch 0.4%
Ether Soluble Carbohydrates (ESC) 0.8%
Water Soluble Carbohydrates (WSC) 1.3%


 Feeding Guide
UP TO 200 KG 45 g
200 TO 400 KG 95 g
400 TO 600 KG 130 g
600 TO 800 KG 195 g


Please be aware, the 15kg variant is a special/supply to order item, meaning shipping may take 2-3 weeks from purchase. Please keep this in mind when purchasing.