Effol Mane Tail Liquid Volumiser

• Effol Mane-Tail-Liquid provides greater fullness and volume for mane and tail.
• High quality care oils make the dock of the tail and crest of the mane less prone to drying out, and also make the hair stronger.
• Visible fullness and easier combing of mane and tail are guaranteed due to silicone oils otherwise used in human cosmetics.
• Gentle oils strengthen the hair and prevent it from drying out.
• Simply apply to the mane and tail, allow to take effect and then untangle and comb through.

• 500ml.
• Contains: Human Cosmetic Silicon Oils

• All Effol Products are manufactured in Germany by Schweizer-Effax and fulfil the GMP Standard. The GMP Standard is the highest form of international recognition in the sector of pharmaceutical production. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) really means exactly what it says: guidelines regarding quality assurance of the production process and environment in the production of pharmaceuticals, active substances and medicinal products, as well as foodstuffs for humans and animal feeds. Quality assurance is of crucial significance in pharmaceutical production because even the most minimal variations in quality can have a direct effect on the health of the human beings or animals that use them.