IAH Ironvita 1ltr

Introducing the IAH Ironvita Blood & Oxygen Supplement. This product is an iron supplement and includes additional ingredients selected to enhance the benefits of iron. Copper helps horses mobilise iron from storage areas around the body while cobalt helps synthesise vitamin B12 which horses require to recover from anaemia. It also contains folic acid which has been shown to increase haemoglobin concentrations, often deficient when green pick is limited.

Studies have shown that stabled horses, and those in full work, such as racehorses and harness horses, eventers, polo and endurance horses especially under heavy sweat conditions, require considerably greater amounts of these trace-minerals and folic acid than are normally available in feed.


  • A palatable supplement for the prevention and treatment of deficiency anaemia in horses
  • Contains iron, copper and cobalt, the three essential trace-minerals required for haemoglobin synthesis complemented by the vitamin, folic acid


30 ml to 45 ml per day in wet or dry feed or as directed by a Veterinary Surgeon

1 Litre bottle