Joseph Lyddy Crib Stop Spray

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Assists in preventing destructive chewing and biting habits of horses and dogs.

Tail and Mane Chewing; Crib-Biting; Rug Chewing; Wood Chewing; Windsucking; Eating Bedding or Sand; Bandage Biting. Apply to stable ledges, door tops, tails, fences, gates, stalls, blankets and external parts of bandages.
Dogs & Puppies
Bandage Chewing; Door Frame Chewing; Eating Bedding; Lead Chewing; Kennel Chewing; Chewing Household Objects. Apply to Kennel entrances, door frames, footwear and other objects chewed by dogs and pups.


Crib Stop Spray is classified as “Dangerous Goods”. Please choose carefully when selecting products categorised as “Dangerous Goods” from the Joseph Lyddy on-line store.  Any item categorised as dangerous goods cannot be returned, as very specific documentation and other various restrictions apply when freighting around the country. THIS ITEM CANNOT BE SHIPPED TO A POST OFFICE BOX. IT MUST BE SHIPPED TO A STREET ADDRESS.