Joseph Lyddy Raven Oil

Raven Oil 500ml
Dye for all smooth and grained leather. Raven Oil is a stain that strikes deep into the grain. Can intermix colours. Does not affect the character and softness of leather.
Application: Do not use on plastic. Recommended for dyeing and renovating shoes, bags and all leather goods. Recommended upon suede and nubuck items.
Instructions for use: Shake the bottle. Test first in an inconspicuous place. Clean finished leathers using Waproo Stripper. Apply Raven Oil using applicator brush or wad
Tips: When dry, seal with Waproo Renovating polish of the same colour. Do not use on plastics and vinyls. Before Dyeing clean item with Waproo stripper to remove any build up of polish grease or grime.
Chemical Composition: Colour dyes, Organic solvents
Colours: Black, Brown
Sizes: 50ml, 500ml