Neue Schule Tranz Angled Universal 8023U

About the Bit
Need control without severity?
The Tranz Angled Universal is an excellent step up from a snaffle. It has a gentle mouthpiece while subtly employing other pressure points to avoid offending the horse. Brilliant for faster work such as jumping, as it allows you to turn more easily and generally eliminates the head toss when asking for the downward transition, eg. when shortening before a fence.
This is a very popular bit and one you will find in most rider’s bit collections. 

This bit will help with

  • Control 

  • Boring down on the bit

  • Getting strong when jumping 

  • Head coming up before or after a jump

  • Turning in fast work

NOT recommended for

  • Horses that are sensitive to poll pressure

  • Horses that are sensitive to tongue pressure

  • Horse that sucks behind contact 

Cheek piece
Universal offers multiple rein options. The main large ring applies minimal poll pressure, working like a loose ring snaffle. The lower ring gives the rider maximum leverage, bringing the mouthpiece into play and applying pressure to the horse’s poll. We suggest using an equaliser or split reins on the main ring and bottom when first using this bit.
The addition of a Curb strap can be added on the cheek piece rings for increased leverage.
Dressage legality*
FEI - No
EA Dressage - No
EA Eventing Dressage - No
Pony Club - No
How it should fit
The Tranz Angled Universal should have 1-3mm gap between the lips and the ring to allow the ring to slide.