Organica Ponycoat

Organica Pony Coat is an eco-friendly, non-toxic formulation designed to be a deodorant to mask the smell that attracts insects to horses and to reduce stress and irritation caused by flies and biting insects.

Organica Pony Balm is suitable for use on all certified organic farms and contains the finest quality ingredients in a unique organic therapeutic blend.

Organica Pony Coat has the Certified Allowed Farm Input (No. 442), USDA NOP Compliant and is made with Australian essential oils and botanical extracts.

Use in conjunction with Pony Balm to aid in healing your horses from ailments caused from bites, cuts and sores.

Directions for Use:
Pony Coat is best applied with a hand held spray bottle. 

Organica Pony Coat is ready to use, no mixing is required and best applied twice a week in the morning or late afternoon.  Apply more regularly as flying annoyances increase.