Prestige X-Helen Lux

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The X-Prestige Helen is a stand out for its elegant look and technical features.

  • Optical Details
  • Narrow Twist
  • No felt screws in the front part of the panels
  • Anatomically Shaped Blocks for the horse

The technical specifications and the feeling for the rider remain unchanged, with the same narrow, deep twist.

The rider is seated very close to the horse without hindering its movements.

The blocks are curved to follow the anatomy of the horse (they are also available on Velcro upon request). They have been designed to follow the somatic development of the horse’s shoulder, to enhance balance with the horse’s natural shape while respecting its musculoskeletal conformation. The proportion between structure and softness adds to the block’s comfort and optimises synergy between the horse and the rider.

The anatomically shaped panels ensure maximum freedom of movement for the trapezius muscles.

The fancy inserts are on both, the back of the cantle and on the face of the blocks. Also available in the “Pure” version, with no décor stitching or patent leather inserts on the blocks or on the back of the cantle.

X-Technology provides the gateway to enhanced sports performance via rider & horse comfort. The rear part presents two holes with an elastic membrane where the rider's ischium comes into contact with the saddle, for a softer and more comfortable seat.

Panels fitted onto this tree provide comfort and stability for the horse's back. They are made from an elastic honeycomb membrane and a layer of soft rubber. Dacron synthetic fibre is the material of choice for stuffing.