Compression will help stop bleeding.

* Ideal for primary care, aged care, vets, hospital.

* Used as a fixation bandage for securing cold packs, braces, padding.

* Provides light to medium compression for leg ulcer patients.

* 4th layering bandage in the treatment of venous leg ulcers.

* Supplies high level of support to joints and limbs.

* Self-adherent wrap for even, consistent compression in retaining dressings, protecting wounds, immobilizing injuries or securing devices to patients.

* Adheres to itself only, no pins/clips required.

* Consistent compression to help minimize injured areas or frail skin.

* Soft porous fabric provides breathability and patient comfort.

* Easy edge to quickly locate starting point of bandage.

* Tears easily from the roll, no scissors required.

* Water resistant, sweat/water will not cause loosening.

* Latex-free