Tech Stirrups Venice Dressage + Safety Stirrups Shock Absorbing

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Reduces Knee and Ankle fatigue

Tech Stirrups are manufactured with high-quality metal and have the widest opening available in the market.  The Safety mechanism is opened by the foot in the case of a fall, the foot eases out of the stirrup which returns back to the closed position automatically.

The Venice Dressage Plus stirrups are equipped with 4 shock-absorbing inserts allowing the stirrup to follow the natural movement of the foot, so that the rider’s performances improve and the comfort feeling is priceless.

The grip has been specifically designed for dressage: it ensures perfect adhesion and its 2,5° inclination helps posture.


  • Weight: 570g (20,1oz)
  • Tread dimensions: 12x6.5cm (4-3/4 in)
  • Slope: 2.5°
  • Shiny finish
  • Shock absorbing - increase of performance and comfort with the reduction of the sensation of fatigue.