Wahl Adjustable Clipper Blades Coarse

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Wahl’s Standard Adjustable Replacement Blades are for use on the Wahl U-ClipDeluxe U-ClipPro IonShow Pro Plus, and Iron Horse clippers.

The adjustable taper lever makes it easy to adjust to the desired blade size. Available in 4 different size combinations including StandardStandard Wide,Coarse, and Surgical that include sizes ranging from #8 to #40.

Need additional cutting lengths? Wahl has two Replacement Guide Comb sets that provide additional cut lengths that let you keep up to 1 inch of hair. The guide combs are easy to attach to your Standard Adjustable blades and glide effortlessly through coats, leaving a smooth finish at the length you need.

Product Applications

Ideal for clipping and trimming on all animal coats - including dogs, cats, horses, and livestock. Perfect for full body clipping, complete shave downs, and show cuts.